Achinsk is a city in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, located on the banks of the Chulym River, 160 kilometers from the regional center and the third largest (105,264 people) settlement.

The Achinsk prison was laid down on September 8, 1641 by the Tara governor Y. O. Tukhachevsky, and already in 1782 the prison was transferred to the category of district cities of the Tomsk discharge of the former Siberian kingdom. Since 1804, Achinsk received the status of a district city - first Tomsk, and since 1822 - the newly formed Yenisei province.

On April 22, 1935, the Achinsky Drama Theater was founded in the pmises of the A. Pushkin Regional Theater as the First Mobile Drama Theater, which immediately attracted attention with performances of the most diverse genre based on works by contemporary authors, Russian classics and world drama. Now it is a regional state institution of culture and has two stages - with auditoriums for 344 and 60 people. For many decades, the Achinsk Drama Theater has played an important role in the cultural and social life of its city and surrounding areas.

It is worth noting that Achinsk is also famous for its tram network created by one of the last tram systems in the USSR and Russia. The Achinsk tram line is also popular among tourists from all over the world, such industrial landscapes in the public access zone are a rarity and a find for impssionable photographers.

In modern times, Achinsk has concentrated a large cluster of industrial enterprises that develop oil refining and non-ferrous metallurgy in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and allow providing a huge number of people with jobs.

What to see:

► Achinsk Drama Theater is a cultural institution, during the existence of which hundreds of performances of Russian and foreign classics have been staged.

► Kazan Cathedral - the main attraction of the city of Achinsk, the only one pserved from the XIX century and to this day in the city of Achinsk an Orthodox church.

► The synagogue building is a recognized architectural monument that has changed several destinations: there was first a union club, then a mechanization school, the House of Pioneers, and now it has an ambulance.

► The Achinsk Museum of Local Lore, one of the oldest museums both in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and in the entire Siberian region, was organized on the initiative of a three-year school teacher Dmitry Semenovich Kargapolov, who collected books, magazines, newspapers, rock collections, plants for this purpose, antiques.

► The tram line is one of the last tram systems created in the USSR and Russia.


Photo with pview by Yuri Borzov
Photo by Sergey Filinin, from the archive,

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