7 electronic libraries where you can download books for free

How many self-isolation books have you read?

We have ppared for you a small selection with links to resources where you can read or download completely different publications for free: from old newspapers to comics.

► On the website of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Scientific Library you can download in pdf format and read various digitized publications: local history books, old newspapers, conference proceedings and much more. Here is a link to the catalog: https://clck.ru/NYwJY

► Thousands of books and audiobooks are also available for free at https://en.bookmate.com

► Children's fairy tales in text and audio format can be found here è https://mamontenok-online.ru

► Admirers of Leo Tolstoy's creativity are welcome at http://tolstoy.ru/creativity/. Here you can download his books, letters, diaries and journalism of the famous writer.

► The small electronic library "Artifact" has books in 32 languages, if thatè http://artefact.lib.ru./

► Download a lot of comics from the link https://dc-marvel.ru/comics/

► The electronic library "Nestor" will come in handy if there is a need for scientific literature http://www.libelli.ru/

Photo: from free sources.

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