Active recreation places within a radius of 100 km from Krasnoyarsk

Every day off is a great opportunity to make your life brighter and give yourself a trip at minimal cost! Make discoveries and get to know our native lands! Fortunately, we have plenty of wonderful places for this! Here are 7 picturesque hiking trails for eventful and healthy walks on autumn and winter weekends within the city and within a radius of up to 100 kilometers from the city:

► Vetluzhanka Ski Stadium
The Vetluzhanka stadium, immersed in a dense forest, will be an excellent place to relax if you have already visited almost all the main tourist spots of Krasnoyarsk and its suburbs. A large number of hiking routes of varying length and difficulty, from simple walks along an asphalt path or forest trail to an urban hiking route. You can also go to the eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva" and other vidovki and routes passing in the area from here. You can find this route in the mobile app "Krasnoyarsk Hiking" in the maps of the eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva".
In autumn, you can ride a bike along the many forest paths, and in winter you can rent cross-country skis and run along different lengths of ski trails. Children will enjoy riding snow tubes and sleds down a gentle and safe slide, and adults can ride through deep snowdrifts on a snowmobile or ATV (but only along tracks specially equipped and authorized by the stadium administration and using the services of the organizing companies of this type of recreation!). You can also rent a gazebo, a tent, a wagon and cook a delicious meat on an equipped barbecue at the stadium.
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► Esaulovskaya loop
If you have already visited the Manskaya loop, now we offer you to add a trip to another loop in your treasury of mini-trips around Krasnoyarsk - this time Esaulovskaya*! This route will definitely not leave you indifferent ... Fresh air, quite easy ascent, colorful photos. There is also a nice bonus - a swing with a breathtaking view of the valley and the unconquered severe taiga.
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► Karaulnenskoe Upland
This is one of the most unusual suburban routes. Caves, beautiful rocks, coastal strip, taiga, views of powerful panoramic views - and this is all in a relatively small distance from Krasnoyarsk. Rocks Golubka and Karaulny Byk, Karaulnaya-2 and Yeleneva caves are just some places of what you can visit!
By the way, the app "Krasnoyarsk Hiking" has routes that pass through the Karaulnenskoe Upland.
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► Eastern entrance of the national park "Krasnoyarsk Stolby"
Going to the Eastern entrance of "Stolbov", you can choose a route according to your strength and mood!  It is convenient that all trails are marked and it is quite easy to navigate the terrain, especially with the “Krasnoyarsk Hiking” mobile app.
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► Minino Stolby
If you have already walked around all the rocks of the famous Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Park, then you should definitely visit Minino Stolby*. In terms of the number and height of rocks, they are inferior to the Krasnoyarsk Stolby, but in terms of beauty and variety they stand in the same row with them.
There is a 20-kilometer route that crosses the entire territory of Minino Stolby and covers such attractions as Pervy Kamen’ (First Stone) and Divnogorskaya Vidovka. The ensemble of Minino Stolby also includes: the Vtoroi Kamen’ (Second Stone) rock, the curved Parus (Sail) rock, the Koldun (Sorcerer) (or Orlinoe Gnezdo( Eagle's Nest), Gallery (or Mininskaya Stena (Wall). Picturesque views of Divnogorsk and Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station open from Divnogorskaya vidovka. In winter, you can go for hours of skiing in this area.
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► Urman loop
If you drive away from the city for almost a hundred kilometers, you can get into a real wilderness! And there is an endless, dense taiga for many kilometers around you and no chance to get a cell phone signal! Urman is a stunningly beautiful place 94 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. Here Mana makes a huge loop, almost 14 kilometers long! Unfortunately, the entire loop can only be seen from a height or by taking a photo with a drone. But it should be noted that part of the loop and, at the same time, the breathtaking landscapes around it, can be seen by climbing the mountain behind Urman. Here's another loop on your list!
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► Eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva"
It is not only a wonderful place for walking, but also a paradise for runners, because running through the forest is a pleasure, you can also stretch out on the sports ground, then relax on a bench or in one of the visiting centers. For those who pfer strolling, there are a huge number of routes of different difficulty categories! You can use the convenient “Krasnoyask Hiking” mobile app, where you can find all marked trails of the Gremyachaya Griva.
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* In the winter season, we recommend taking the routes as part of a group. Take care of yourself and enjoy your stay!

Photo: Anastasia Romasko, Pyotr Urozaev, Yuri Maltsev, Elya Bunyat and

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