5 places for horseback riding in the Krasnoyarsk region

Horse riding is perhaps the most environmentally friendly form of recreation. In addition, horseback riding has a beneficial effect on the soul and body. We are pleased to share with you the places for active and relaxing horse riding.

► Krasnoyarsk Hippodrome
Breeding horses are trained and tested at the hippodrome. There is a horse rental and a Pony club. Every Saturday from May to October, you can watch the horse races. Address: Krasnoyarsk, Sorevnovaniya st., 20. Tel.: 8 (391) 258-74-28. Group in VK: 

► Airpark "Kuznetsovo"
If you have never been in the saddle - no big deal! Here they will teach the basics of communicating with horses. Horseback riding for a romantic date or a family vacation with children. Address: Krasnoyarsk, Kuznetsovo airdrome, building 1/2. Tel .: 8-965-911-18-69. Site: 

► Equestrian club "Dobrij kon"
Horseback riding along the banks of the Yenisei near the Tsar-Ryba viewing platform, as well as through the forest. As a bonus will be an impssive view from the mountain to the Yenisei, Sliznevo and Ovsyanka. Address: village Sliznevo, st. Bolshoe Sliznevo, 6b. Tel.: 8 (391) 286-09-79. Instagram: 
@ dobrij.kon

► Horseback riding along the Yeniseisk waterfront
Being in Yeniseisk, you should ride a phaeton with the black horse Pompey and its owner, Evgeny Pavlov. At the same time, you will see an unusual collection of saddlery.
Pavlov family phone: 8-913-045-08-49.

► Travel agency "Ivan Susanin"
A kaleidoscope of horseback riding walks in the Sharypovsky district with friendly and responsive horses. There is no civilization and signal - a real immersion in nature! Address: the Krasnoyarsk region, Sharypovsky District, Sharypovo - Goryachegorsk highway, Inziul River.
Tel.: 8-905-088-08-54. Website: ivsus.ru

 Photo source: @kochevnik_info

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