On November 21, the historical quest "Beyond the Limits" will take place all around the world

On November 21, the Internet will host an international historical quest "Beyond the Limits", dedicated to the events of World War II and the Nuremberg Trials. It is a highly detailed online story based on archival documents and real-life memories of veterans.

According to the legend of the historical quest, the participants will take on the role of members of the journalistic community. To pvent an information catastrophe, they will have to solve historical, mathematical, logical and other tasks, visit museums in different parts of the world online, hear testimonies of witnesses of historical events collected from different parts of the world, and get acquainted with the real archival documents of the Nuremberg trials. The quest winners will receive a valuable prize - a trip to one of the cities of Russia!

The quest will be available in 4 languages.

► The event will take place on November 21 at 15:00 Moscow time. Gather a team of 2 to 6 people and register it at VictoryGame.org. Registration starts on October 20.

Published: Friday, November 13, 2020

Published: 13.11.2020
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