On October 18, tourists will have a walk along the Biryusinsky Bay

On October 18 we wish you to go for a walk along the Biryusinsky Bay on a warm boat! The walk is organized by the Krasnoyarsk photographer Lena Stogova that means you will have a chance to get beautiful photographs.
An unforgettable Sunday 4-hour trip across the Krasnoyarsk Sea. Along the way, you will make 4 stops: at the Mammoth Cave, at the legendary Tsar's Gate, on the Turtle Island and on the Nameless Cape, where magnificent views of the sea open. These locations are great for capturing the scenery and each other.
● Cost: 2500 ₽ per person.
● Gathering in Shumikha at 9:45 am. Transfer from Krasnoyarsk and back is possible (500 ₽).
► Registration and all questions by phone 8 902 965 00 49.
Photo by Serebrennikova Diana

Published: 12.10.2020
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