IX Film Forum of Russian Films


The IX Cinema Forum of Russian Films named after Marina Ladynina will be held from 12 to 14 of September in the towns of Nazarovo, Achinsk, Bogotol and Sharypovo, . It will coincide with the 85th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk region.

The grand opening of the film forum will take place in the Nazarovo Palace of Culture on September 12 at 18:00. The concert will be attended by the Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Lande, Godenko Krasnoyarsk State Academic Siberian Dance Ensemble, leading artists of Krasnoyarsk theaters Nadezhda Samkova, Vladimir Abakanovsky, Vitaly Osipov, students of the children's music center "Magic Microphone".

The following films will be screened during the film forum: "Tractor Drivers" with Marina Ladynina in the leading role, "A century in dance" about the great choreographer Mikhail Semyonovich Godenko and the documentary "Yeniseisk. Pearl of Siberia" made by Krasnoyarsk director Andrei Grishakov.

The film forum will host the stars of Russian cinema, including Lyudmila Chursina, Yuri Belyaev, Daniil Spivakovsky, Olga Khokhlova, Sergey Astakhov, Artyom Mikhalkov, one more time on the Krasnoyarsk land.


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