On September 12-13, Krasnoyarsk will host the Festival of Walking Tours

 On September 12 and 13, Krasnoyarsk will host the Festival of Walking Tours this is a gift to the townspeople from the Regional Scientific Library in honor of their 85th birthday.

There will be 14 free excursions in total, most of them pmieres. The duration of each is 50-60 minutes. But it is imperative to p-register by phone 211-36-42 and 8-923-331-45-57, since the number of seats in the group is only 10. The meeting place will be agreed upon when registering.


● 11.00 - "Along Lenin Street".

● 12.00 - “Along the main avenue of the city”. History of architectural monuments and sculptural compositions on Prospekt Mira.

● 13.00 - "Cultural Square". The history of the Revolution Square, Central Park, the Luch cinema and the regional scientific library.

● 14.00 - "From the Intercession to the Annunciation". Acquaintance with architectural monuments between two churches: Pokrovsky and Blagoveshchensky.

● 15.00 - Terebilovka. Sloboda from a criminal chronicle. An excursion around the area where the lanterns had not been lit before, and the light was only from the windows of the drinking establishments, where shots rang out and where even the police did not risk going at night.

● 16.00 - "In Search of Pushkin". A.S. Pushkin has never been to our city, but there are places in Krasnoyarsk that are inextricably linked with the personality of the poet, and you will learn about them.

● “The humble charm of vanishing time. Along Akademik Vavilov Street ”.


● 11.00 - "Wooden lace of Krasnoyarsk". A story about wooden architecture on st. Lenin.

● 12.00 - "Quarter of Historical Buildings". The history of historical buildings on the street. Gorky.

● 13.00 - "From a historical pharmacy to the first institute."

● 14.00 - Terebilovka. Sloboda from a criminal chronicle.

● 15.00 - "Teatralny Krasnoyarsk". Start at 15:00

● 16.00 - "Krasnoyarsk arrow". Excursion around the Peace Square.

● 17.00 - "Cultural Square" (in English).

All the details on the official website of Kraevushka → kraslib.ru

Photo: Olga Tsaplina.

Published: Monday, 07 September 2020

Published: 07.09.2020
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