The Big Arctic Reserve

"Big Arctic" is the largest reserve in Eurasia by area, located in the Dikson administrative district of the Taimyr Autonomous Okrug. And probably the most severe. Most of the reserve is located in the zone of the Arctic tundra, its northernmost parts are in the zone of the Arctic desert. The Arctic desert is practically devoid of vegetation: lichens and mosses occupy a negligible percentage of the surface, and trees and shrubs are completely absent. The fauna of the peninsula is also not rich. Waterfowl are one of the main objects of protection in the reserve. In the “Big Arctic” 18 species of mammals live, 14 of which are marine animals, 124 species of birds, and 29 species of fish. Among the animals that inhabit the reserve and the adjacent territories: lemmings, arctic fox, wild reindeer, wolverine, ermine, walrus, seal, beluga whale, musk ox and, of course, polar bear. The reserve is open to the public, but this requires permission from the administration. A number of ecological routes have been developed for tourists, for example, fishing and research tours “Fishing on the edge of the Earth” or “Khutuda-Biga - a river rich in life”. For lovers of bird watching in the area of the village of Dikson is located the Willem Barents biostation. Photo by Victor Matasov, Vitaly Gorshkov, Mikhail Sazonov

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