All-Russian online travel forum ‘Russia: tourism-2020. Winter season’ will be held on October 10

Summer tourist destinations such as the Black Sea coast and the Caucasian mineral waters are in demand in Russia today. In the cold season, many Russian citizens pferred to visit hot countries. Due to the pandemic, the situation has changed and there is a demand for domestic winter tourism. Options for such tourism will be discussed on a free online forum. One of the tasks is to explain to citizens that there are a large number of places for quality vacations for every taste and budget in our country. In addition, the forum is a good opportunity for entrepneurs to showcase their tourism startups. It is expected that the most interesting, unusual and affordable projects will be psented at the event. The organizers of the forum are the Federal Agency for Tourism, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Synergy Corporation, the National Union of the Hospitality Industry and the ‘My Business’ centers. 
‘I believe that winter tourism is one of the most promising areas, especially when it comes to Arctic tourism. We have just signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Government of the Murmansk Region. We will develop tourist destinations in this region. The beauty that the Russian Arctic has (incredible mountains, beautiful waterfalls, such a rare but admirable flora and fauna) should be seen by as many people as possible, including foreign citizens. The Russian North must be affordable, because this beauty must be shared. I hope the forum that we will hold together with the Synergy Corporation will open up routes for all of us that will bring new, vivid and unforgettable impssions,’ said Zarina Doguzova, head of the Federal Agency for Tourism. 
Olesya Teterina, Deputy Director of the Department for Investment Policy and Entrepneurship Development of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, also commented on the upcoming forum: ‘By developing domestic tourism, we not only create quality conditions for our citizens and guests for recreation in Russia, but thereby also support small businesses in the regions. Throughout the world, a significant source of income for residents is the visiting tourist, this includes investments in supporting infrastructure, the production of local food, handicrafts, as well as unique products that each region is famous for. I hope that the working discussion at the forum will bring practical results and new organizational ideas. In this difficult summer, many of us had a pleasant opportunity to discover new travel destinations within the country. I hope that during the cold period all of us will have access to the hospitality of the Russian winter.’
Important tasks have been set for the forum participants. It is necessary to determine a new vector for the development of domestic tourism and propose new formats for recreation in Russia. In addition, Russian tourist locations need investment, so it is important to involve the business community in the implementation of regional ideas. In general, the forum should contribute to strengthening the country's image among the Russian and international audience. 
‘Now is the time when Russia can fully demonstrate its tourism potential. The realities of today motivate federal and regional authorities to invest resources in the development of new tourist routes and programs. Synergy Corporation has taken a course to support domestic tourism products. We want to become a bridge between travelers, tour operators, investors and government authorities. Such communications are extremely important, as they allow us to jointly develop innovative and demanded packages, as well as avoid mistakes in their formation,’ said Vadim Lobov, President of Synergy Corporation.
 It is important to note that a separate scene of the online forum will be dedicated to the organization of domestic winter tourism for people with disabilities. 
 - ‘Citizens with special health needs have all rights to receive a full range of travel services. The regions need to ppare the appropriate infrastructure to welcome people  with special health needs. If a region wants to become a popular and demanded tourist center, it must make sure that people  with special health needs feel comfortable and can move freely, including visiting hotels, restaurants and other hospitality industry establishments,’ stressed the President of the National Union of Industry Hospitality, General Director of Mriya Resort & Spa Hrant Babasyan.
 The speakers at the forum will be federal civil servants in charge of tourism and tourism infrastructure, heads of relevant departments of regional administrations, repsentatives of travel companies, well-known travel bloggers and journalists.
 The broadcast of the online forum on the Synergy.Online platform will be available throughout the country. Registration or authorization is required to view. The detailed program of the forum will be published in the ‘Program’ section of the platform a few days before the event.

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