Children 's carnival and celebration of the 392th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk will take place in June

Two good news.

Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Sergey Eremin said that we will still celebrate the City Day on June 19. But in formats that don't require a lot of people.

Also on June 1, a traditional children's carnival will take place. For the safety of the kids online. The festive procession will take place on three platforms: Zoom, Instagram and Youtube. This year's theme is hats!

Carnival participants will meet on the Zoom platform. For viewers, there will be a live broadcast on Youtube. And for all together on Instagram account @karnavalnamira.

Zoom will become the main platform. The entrance is scheduled for June 1 at 11:50, so that the procession begins at 12:00 by tradition. At this time, the psenters Yevgeny Larkovich and Marina Vishnevskaya will actually be on Prospekt Mira and will begin broadcasting and moving along the traditional route of the carnival. During the march, they will meet different characters who will offer the participants in Zoom fun tasks.

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