The best pastries in the whole region

There are several addresses in our region where they bake some special pastries. So, write down:

◆ In the village of Sizaya, in the Shushensky district, there is an inconspicuous store called “Svejaya vipechka”. All the locals know about him. You may ask anybody. They sell super pies! The thinnest dough and a lot of toppings, different: from potatoes to blueberries. Be sure to try the royal cheesecake with fresh cottage cheese - you will lick your fingers!

◆ For real bread, go to the village of Linevo, Sharypovsky district. There lives an unusual baker Aleksey Tretyakov, who bakes bread according to p-war recipes: from rye flour, with dough on birch sap and in a Russian oven. Loaves are obtained almost kilogram, hearty and healthy, and cost 50 rubles. The master called his little home bakery “Chestny hleb”. Call him personally +7 (923) 374 4446. By the way, Alex gives workshops on baking for everyone.

◆ In Krasnoyarsk, right at the stop "Bridge Square", there is a bakery - "Hleb iz tandyra". There, in addition to crisp fresh bread and various pastries, delicious pies are sold. All bread is surprisingly inexpensive for the city. A large apple pie for the whole family, for example, costs only 140 rubles.

◆ Also, Krasnoyarsk lovers of baking for ruddy Russian pies and pancakes go to "Mother's Pies" (5 points in the city), and for the "skipper's bag" and mushrooms and recipes to the Khlebnitsa bakery (10 points). Very pleasant women work in both places.

Enjoy your meal!


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