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Winter in Siberia is not only invigorating frost, huge snowdrifts with crunchy snow and dashes from home to work and back, but it is also a great opportunity for active rest and getting to know your native places! We psent you the top 5 tours for winter holidays in our region from regional tour operators:


The Altamira tour operator knows the secret of a great mood and recharging internal forces and invites everyone to Ergaki! This is a unique opportunity to see with your own eyes the famous peaks covered with snow, as well as enjoy the ringing silence of the taiga, which is unusual for the townspeople.

Choosing the group tour "Winter Ergaki", you will visit the Tears of Sayan icefall, Lake Raduzhnoe, the Pass of Artists and the Sleeping Sayan. You will live in heated domed alpine huts at the foot of the Sleeping Sayan, and you will have to move on snowshoes. You don't need any special snowshoeing skills, just walk once to get used to them.

Tour booking:
8 (391) 205-13-01; 292-55-01
www.altamira.rf alta-mira@mail.ru


If you like sightseeing excursions, the history of your native land and pfer family travel to noisy companies, and also want to feel the special atmosphere and flavor of an ancient merchant city, then the Sputnik tour operator invites you to visit one of the oldest Siberian cities - Yeniseisk - a real open-air museum!

Tour program "Yenisei stories": on the first day you will be taken by a comfortable bus from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseisk, where you will have a bus and walking tour in the town with a visit to one of the oldest museums in our region - the Yenisei Museum of Local Lore, the Uspenskaya Church with a rise to the bell tower, from where a magnificent view of the ancient city opens, a visit to the Spassky Monastery and the monument to the founders of Yeniseisk. Accommodation in one of the hotels in Yeniseisk at the end of the day after dinner.

On the second day of the trip, an exciting master class on folk art is planned at the Yenisei Museum of Local Lore, a visit to the Rubank Museum, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, with more than 1300 planes in its collection. In the free from excursions time, you can buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones in the souvenir shop, walk along the waterfront and admire the Yenisei, as well as ride on a phaeton or sleigh.

On the third and final day of the travel, you will take an excursion to the private museum-estate "Photoizba", where you will be told about various interesting facts from the history of Yeniseisk. On the way back to Krasnoyarsk, tourists will visit one of the largest churches built at the end of the 20th century - the Holy Cross Cathedral in Lesosibirsk. In the village of Kazachinskoye you will visit the Holy Trinity Church, which houses the famous myrrh-streaming icon of the Kazan Mother of God.  At the end of the excursion program, an interactive event "Siberian Cossacks" is ppared, where you will get acquainted with the culture and history of the Yenisei Cossacks.

Tour booking:
8 (391) 212-33-96; 212-31-51




The tour operator "Sayan Ring" invites you to break away from the bustle of the city, making an unforgettable family trip to the south of our region to the capital of the largest tomatoes, the city of Minusinsk, as well as the storehouse of historical traditions, the village of Shushenskoye.

Tourists will:

- take a leisurely walk and enjoy the architecture and atmosphere of the ancient South Siberian city of Minusinsk, where stone merchant estates and solid wooden huts with lace trims are still pserved;
- learn the history of the development of southern Siberia by examining the collection of one of the best local history museums in our region - the Martyanov Museum;
- visit the Historical and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve "Shushenskoye", where travelers will be immersed in the traditional life of a Siberian village of the late 19th century, overnight in the estate of a wealthy peasant;
- see one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world - Sayano-Shushenskaya one.
And this is only a part of the program and what will be remembered for a lifetime!

The tour program is compiled individually.

Tour booking:
"Sayan Ring"
8 (391) 2-220-800
8 (991) 374-25-85


If your goal is to have a great rest from civilization away from the noisy city, surrounded by rocks, dense taiga, breathe fresh air and enjoy the picturesque views, then the tour operator "Sibwaytour" offers you a tour "Taiga Zaimki" with accommodation in one of the settlements or on the banks of a beautiful river Mana, or on the shore of the Krasnoyarsk Sea!

The path to zaimka is already a real adventure, and the fact that you go there on a ppared SUV will add sensations. On the way, you will visit the observation deck "Tsar-fish" with a grandiose view of the Yenisei, a view of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. After that, you will take a hovercraft and the path to zaimka will continue along the mighty Yenisei!

There are several options for accommodation: houses with varying degrees of comfort. The first option: a hunting lodge on the Mana river with a stove and ppared firewood. The second option for accommodation is a more comfortable hut on the Mana River. Transfer to it is carried out by a ppared minibus.

Tour booking:
Tour operator "Sibwaytour.com"
8 (391) 215 19 44
8 (913) 509 83 14
8 (391) 253 83 14



The tour operator "Polonia" has a unique tour
"Polar Night in the Arctic. Observation of the polar lights ” . The name speaks for itself. As part of the tour, you will visit the town of Dudinka, where the northernmost international seaport in Russia and the largest in Siberia is located, which provides year-round navigation and cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route. Here a fascinating excursion and master classes from the Taimyr Museum of Local Lore are ppared for you. You will learn about the culture of the indigenous peoples of Taimyr: Nganasans, Enets, Nenets, Dolgans, Evenks, and about the participants of the Great Northern Expedition: Khariton Laptev, Semyon Chelyuskin, Fyodor Minin, who stayed in the Dudinsky winter hut in the 18th century, and many other fascinating facts from the history of the northern part of our region. A pleasant bonus: “initiation into the people of Taimyr” and an excursion to the seaport pier, to the icebreaker.

Then you will go to the village of Dikson, which is often called the "gateway to the Arctic", you can admire the northern lights and learn from the locals how to behave if a polar bear is walking in the yard. Visit the Dixon Art Gallery, which has, among other things, the works of the residents of the village, discuss the phenomenon of the polar night and aurora with the head of the geophysical polar station.

And finally, before leaving, travelers will go on an excursion around the northernmost and most severe city in Russia - Norilsk.

Tour booking:
Tour operator "Polonia"
8 (391) 254-01-33; 254-22-52; 254-29-60

Photo for the article: Andrey Shchetinin, Moya-planeta.ru, Sergey Filinin, Andrey Fetkulin and an unknown author.

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