Serafima Sarovskogo Holy spring in Zykovo

In the village of Zykovo, near Krasnoyarsk, there is a temple built in honor of the Holy Archangel Michael, he has long been known for his amazingly spiritual rector - Father Andrei. And in 2006, he received even greater fame - ministers of the temple on its territory while drilling a well discovered a unique source with mineral water that rises from a depth of 40 meters. According to the abbot, many religious people, having drunk this water, received here mental and physical healing.

In addition to the fact that everyone can get life-giving water from the source, here you can also take a bath. The temperature of the water in the bathhouse and spring all year round stands at +4 degrees.

How to get there:

► by any Krasnoyarsk bus that goes to the Vostochny bus station, and from there by shuttle bus No. 133 to the Poselkovy Sovet stop in Zykovo, and then 1.5 km on foot to the Church of the Archangel Michael;
► by car the fastest route (29.8 km) through the street. Semaphore st. - Glinka st. - Traktovaya st. - Zelenaya st.- Sovetskaya st. - Mostovaya st., 34

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