Snowkiting in Krasnoyarsk Region

Snowkiting is an unusual kind of sports and active leisure: thanks to the wind power you slide standing  on  snowboard on the snow or ice pulled by a kite parachute. Smart usage of a snowboard and wind allows developing high speed. An excellent variant for the amateurs of bright emotions is snowkiting training at the Krasnoyarsk sea in kite schools:

Airclub Air Siberia

professionally teaches snowkiting in Krasnoyarsk suburbs and offers a day-off course.  It is suitable for those who want to get acquainted with a new kind of sports and get a charge of vivacity for the whole winter.  A 3-hour basic course with an instructor costs 4 200 rubles. The cost includes the rent of kiting equipment (a kite and a trapeze).

Telephone: +79135342183


Kite School KITE24.RU

holds a day-off snowkiting course, which includes several trainings. You will feel like an independent snowkiter! One training hour costs 2 500 rubles. The training should last for 2 hours as a minimum. The price includes all necessary equipment: a kite, a trapeze, a board, a safety leash, a pump and a safety vest and helmet. You need just to take your skiing or snowboarding equipment.


Telephone: +7 (904) 890-55-32 


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