Climbing Gyms

Winter is a good time to learn something new and improve health. Those who are not afraid of difficulties and want to become hardier are welcomed at climbing trainings. There are four disciplines in climbing: lead climbing, speed climbing, bouldering and all-around.  We have made a list of climbing gyms situated in different districts of Krasnoyarsk where you can try one of the most suitable for you disciplines:


► Rocky Climbing Gym


Here the experienced trainers teach climbing to adults and children as well. There is also an opportunity to train on your own, without trainers. This climbing gym is for bouldering – a climbing discipline  with short and extremely difficult routes. The festivals where both new beginners and more experienced athletes can take part in, are held in the climbing gym.   A single training with a trainer costs  500 rubles, the price for 4 trainings is 1800 rubles. All the types of gym membership are psented at the web-site.  


·                     Krasnoyarsk, Dubrovinsky st., 112

·                     Web-site:

·                     Vkontakte Group

·                     +7 (963) 183-15-26


► Sports Climbing School Tochka Opory


In the three branches of the school children from 3 years old and adults with any training level are trained. The climbing gym is meant for bouldering.  Here rehabilitative, individual and group trainings, including those for families or companies, are held by the experienced trainers.  There is also a unique opportunity for teenagers to combine English studies and sports trainings in a special group. Competitions and different events are regularly organized in the gym for the climbers (training camps, trips to competitions, family outing and camps).  Note, that there are climbing shoes of any size for rent. A single class with a trainer costs 550 rubles, 4 classes cost 2000 rubles. All the types of gym membership are psented at the web-site. 


·                     Krasnoyarsk, Mate Zalki st., 24; Regatnaya st., 2; Aerovokzal’naya st.,  4 g

·                     Web-site: 

·                     Vkontakte Group

·                     +7 (391) 269-93-30


► Extreme Sports Centre Sportex


Here the trainings are held either in groups, or individually for adults and children from 6 years old. An independent training is allowed from the age of 14. It lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes and costs 300 rubles on week days and 500 rubles on days-off. Please mind, that the climbing wall is not high. It is for bouldering. You need to have your own equipment since there is no rental services. 


·                     Krasnoyarsk, Ostrov Otdykha, 6

·                     Web-site: skalolazanie

·                     Telegram Channel

·                     +7 (391) 234-64-88


► SibFU Climbing Gym


Training at the highest climbing wall, located in the SibFU will cost 2000 rubles for 8 sessions for children and from 2500 rubles for adults. There routes of different difficulty level for speed and complicity to your choice. You need to have your own equipment since there is no rental services.  You’d better get the exact schedule in the sports complex.


·                     Krasnoyarsk, Kirenskiy st., 15

·                     Web-site:

·                     +7 (391) 291-25-67 


► Sports School named after V.G. Putintsev


This most democratic in price climbing gym is suitable for independent trainings after 18:00, as in the daytime the instructors train children from the Sports School. After a climbing training you can have a hitch in the exercise room. A single training costs 100 rubles, 4 classes are 300 rubles and 8 visits are 550 rubles. 


·                          Krasnoyarsk, Pavlov st., 5

·                          Vkontakte Group

·                          7 (391) 235-74-01


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