Horse racing on the ice of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir

Every year in March, right on the ice of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir in Novoselovsky district, regional equestrian competitions are held. Local joke - nature gave them a free racetrack. If the races were held on the ground, then it would be necessary to level the huge surface with construction equipment, and so - it is enough to clear the snow on the ice. Competitions are held since 1969 and during this time have not been canceled once, despite any difficulties. Every year, about two thousand spectators come here - from Novoselovo itself, neighboring districts and even from Khakassia. There are three types of tests in the program. In addition to sledding races, races of horses with horseback riders and races of trotters with carriages are arranged. ⠀ Interestingly, there are no professional athletes here - all year the riders work on local farms and agricultural enterprises, and in their spare time they train and ppare for the races. Among them are men and women, those who have just turned 18 and those over 50.

Photo by Ilya Naimushin

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