Ovsyanka village

The quiet village of Ovsyanka is located near Krasnoyarsk. It is worth coming here for the cultural and natural component. The village is famous for the fact that Viktor Petrovich Astafiev, a Siberian writer, a man of a big soul and a strong spirit, was born and lived here, which can also be seen in his works. There is a museum complex dedicated to Viktor Petrovich in the village, it includes the writer's house-museum, where the authentic furnishings and personal belongings are pserved, as well as the museum of the story "The Last Bow", which Astafyev had been writing for over 30 years. This museum is also called "The House of Grandmother Catherine". M. Gorbachev, B. Yeltsin, V. Putin, A. Solzhenitsyn, N. Mikhalkov and other famous people visited this village house. It is worth starting the excursion with it.

The memorial complex is a branch of the Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local Lore, on the website of which you can find more information - kkkm.ru, but now we will tell you how to get to Ovsyanka.

Distance from Krasnoyarsk: 30 km

Travel time (round trip) : 1,5 hour

How to get there?

Option number 1 : car

A simple and comfortable option is to get to Ovsyanka by car. From the right bank of the city we are moving towards Divnogorsk, along the Yenisei road R-257. The turn to the village is marked with a carved wooden stele with the inscription “ Astafiev museum complex", the entrance is located behind the building of the stop, along the railway tracks. There is no parking in the village, but transport can be parked near the museum or on the side of the road, where it will be safe.

Option number 2 : bus

Go to the website of the Krasnoyarsk bus station - krasavtovokzal.ru, buy a ticket. Cost - from 66 rubles. You will spend approximately 1 hour on the way to your destination. The stop is located at the entrance to the village, next to the stele and the overhead passage. It is about 10 minutes from the drop-off point to the museums.  On the way, you will see signs and a plan of the museum complex and you will definitely not pass by. There are no sidewalks in the village, but there are not many cars either. Be careful.

Buses to Divnogorsk regularly leave the parking lot on Predmostnaya Square. . The cost of the ticket is the same as from the bus station.

Option number 3 : train

A very fast, inexpensive and comfortable option. The train goes from Krasnoyarsk to Divnogorsk with a stop in Ovsyanka. Cost: 22 rubles. Check out the train schedule on kraspg.ru

Things to do?

● Visit the house-museum of Viktor Petrovich Astafiev
● Take a photo in the courtyard of the Museum "House of Grandmother Catherine" among the authentic household items of the estate (a log barn, old sleighs, reins, etc.)
● Find the descent to the river, admire the stunning wondrous mountains
● Feed the ducks
● Meditate while looking at the smooth water and the unhurried flow of the Yenisei
● Visit the wooden church of St. Innocent with a free-standing bell tower

Information about museums:
Astafiev Memorial complex in 2GIS
+7 (391) 2-40-80-36

Where to have a snack?

We recommend taking a snack with you as there are no cafes or coffee shops in the village. But! There is a Mechta shop and a bakery where you can buy freshly baked pies and buns with different types of stuffing, as well as several types of brown bread (even fruit), which you can take home with you. You can find a bakery by smell. But we still give the address: the village of Ovsyanka, st. Naberezhnaya, 71. The same descent to the river is just a few meters away.

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