Holiday center "Krasnoyarsk Zagorye"

"Krasnoyarsk Zagorie" is one of the oldest health resorts on the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The Holiday Center is located in the foothills of the Western Sayan Mountains, in the resort of Kozhanovo, famous throughout Russia for its natural source of mineral water, similar in composition to the KislovodskNarzan. Kozhanovskaya carbonated mineral water has truly remarkable healing properties and helps to cope with diseases of the cardiovascular system , gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, neurosis.

Time-tested naturopathic methods are used in the treatment programs of the "Krasnoyarsk Zagorye" - mineral water, hirudotherapy, mineral baths, mud therapy, ozone therapy, etc. More than 1000 tests can be made in the Zagorye laboratory.

How to get there:
• The holiday center is located in the Balakhta district, 217 km from the city of Krasnoyarsk. You can get from Krasnoyarsk city bus station by bus number 550. Travel time is 4-4.5 hours.
• It’s faster on your own car, only 2-2.5 hours. There are two options for the route from Krasnoyarsk: along the M54 highway through Divnogorsk or along the M-53 highway through Zeledeevo.

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