Farm products in the big city

In the bustling Krasnoyarsk, you can and should buy fresh village products, without chemicals, factory processing and eye-cutting labels. Where, read below!

First, some farmers deliver their products directly to your home. Here are the links to their online stores: - meat, milk, vegetables from different villages of the region and even spring water.

 @moloko_krsk - cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, eggs and cheese from a family farm in the village of Stoyba; - fresh dairy products from the Kosa-Dereza farm, which is 20 km from the city;

 @kozye_moloko - healing milk of rare alpine goats and cheese according to original recipes from the Milk River farm;

 @rogozin_cheese - 21 types of craft cheese from the "Workshop of Denis Rogozin" ( Minino village).

Secondly, in every district of Krasnoyarsk there are markets where daily farmers from all nearby and distant villages sell their surplus: honeycombs, healthy pollen, fresh milk, thick sour cream, ghee, garden vegetables and fruits, pine nuts, jams, pickles, meat, lard, herbs.

Thirdly, food fairs are regularly held in Krasnoyarsk on the squares of the city, where you can also buy natural products to your table.

Eat natural!


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