Tiberkul Lake

Tiberkul is the largest and largest freshwater lake in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and is located on the territory of the Kuraginsky district. Tiberkul means "Heavenly, God's Lake" from Turkic. Pure clear water, picturesque beaches and bays covered with water lilies - a real diamond in the tender embrace of the taiga. More than 2000 years ago, Samoyed and Ket tribes lived here. Today, Old Believers and the Vissarion community live around the lake, and this is not accidental! According to the Old Believers, the lake is considered the beginning of the Way to Belovodye - a paradise country of prosperity, justice and truth, which only one who is pure in soul can enter. A sort of Russian Shambhala. Mount Sukhaya rises above the lake, in the local dialect "Sukhya" is "Holy Mountain". It is believed that it is here, in the area of Lake Tiberkul and Mount Sukhya, that the Heart of the Earth is located. As if to confirm this, on Mount Sukhaya, on its middle peak, an amazing stone was discovered, its shape resembling an open human heart. This stone is called the “Stone-Heart". According to eyewitnesses, in the area of Tiberkul and Sukhya Mountain, you can often see UFOs! How to get there: with transfers. First, by bus or train from Krasnoyarsk to Kuragino, then to the village of Cheremshanka by bus or taxi. The lake is located 30 km from the village of Cheremshanka, which can be reached in summer only by tractor or offroadster. Photo by Denis Mukimov, Alexander Nerozya, Valery Bekeshin

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