Scientific and educational centre «Narym» in Stolby

Scientific and educational centre «Narym» is located just on the territory of Stolby nature reserve in Krasnoyarsk. The most famous rocks are within walking distance in there. Tourists come there to stroll under the clear sky and bright sun, spend a night in forest silence, watch the sunrise and the sunset. Every lodge can accommodate 6 people. The visitors are offered comfortable beds with bed sets, a small kitchen with a microwave, kettle and dishes set for 6 people. 

There is electric heating in the lodges. Shower cabins and toilets are outside near the lodges. A spacious cafeteria and kitchen with a fridge are located in the administration building. 

Every lodge has its special name related to names of the stolbists' huts: «Mihvasovka», «Villa», «Museyanka», «Perushka», «Chernyshovka», «Ferma», «Kulibaba», «Abormoty».

You can find more information or book a tour by calling 8-913-830-52-03 (Elena Valerevna)

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