The Highest Flagpole with Russian Tricolor in the Country set on Nikolaevskaya Sopka

In Krasnoyarsk on Nikolaevskaya Sopka the highest flagpole in Russia with the state flag of Russia on it has been set. Today the flag has been raised over the city. The Governor of the region Alexander Uss and schoolchildren from Krasnoyarsk were psent at the ceremony.

The flagpole’s height is 100 meters. This is the highest construction of such a type in Russia. The flagpole was designed in Leningrad region according to the modern technologies considering the peculiarities of Siberian climate.  Specially for this metallic construction the Russian Federation state flag of the proper size has been produced. Its size is 33х22 meters and it weighs over 80 kilograms.

The flagpole is set near the observation ground on Nikolaevskaya Sopka – a popular recreation place among the residents and guests of Krasnoyarsk. This is the highest point in the city – 505 meters above the sea level. From here a breathtaking view of natural sights of Krasnoyarsk is open: the Yenisey river, the Krasnoyarsk Stolby Nature Park, Torgashinsky Ringe.  

At the flag ceremony the Governor of the region Alexander Uss noticed that the flagpole would become one more popular attraction in Krasnoyarsk and it would be seen from different parts of the city, including dark time thanks to the illumination.

 "We are the participants of a landmark and solemn event. On the one-hundred-meters flagpole the state flag of the Russian Federation is raising. This the flag, the tricolor, under which many military and labour victories were won. From now and then this flag will be seen from almost all the parts of Krasnoyarsk. And it will inspire us for new achievements in the sake of our Motherland, our beloved Russia!", – the head of the region said.

Krasnoyarsk schoolchildren were especially honoured on the day of the highest flagpole with Russia’s tricolor opening. Right after the gala flag ceremony they joined the Russian children and youth movement “The Movement of the First Ones”. 

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