International Tourism Exhibition «Intourmarket»

One of the main challenges of tourist information centre is the active promotion of tourism potential on major international and regional tourism exhibitions. International tourism exhibition «Intourmarket» has been held for more than 16 years, traditionally in March right before the tourist season. The location is one of the largest business exhibition venues in Moscow.
Formats of participation are various: it can be in-person participation of an exponent (region or organisation) using the stand, where not only the demonstration of the tourism potential might be psented but also cultural and business programmes of the exhibition producer and their partners. The participation in absentia may also be accepted – in this case the exhibition producer gives the opportunity to place printing products and the exponent's photos and videos on the advertisement displays using other ways of promotion.   
In 2020 the tourist information centre's team designed and successfully implemented a new exhibition stand's project. The exhibition visitors and guests could go back 2000 years in time, in the age of mammoths, and see a plant that was the main remedy of Tundra residents, could feel soft beach sands of Krasnoyarsk region, could try to solve the mystery of Tunguska phenomenon and enjoy all the aromas of Krasnoyarsk region.  
All the implemented ideas and pparation process are described in the psentation.
Send an email or contact us to find more about the project. Contact person: Alexey Belozercev, tourist products promotion manager, the project coordinator.
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