Krasnoyarsk Sea

The Krasnoyarsk reservoir, formed by the dam of the hydra-power electric station, is spad over about 400 kilometers from the town of Divnogorsk and is called sea by the local people because of its impssing sizes. In summer people come here to have a boat or yacht trip around the picturesque bay, to enjoy silence and beautiful sunsets.

In the middle of winter, the bays and the main stream are covered with thick ice, which holds even cars. You can drive onto the ice in Shumikha bay. Here numerous recreation camps are situated, from the budget variants to the luxury ones, where you can have comfortable rest and get warm in a wood-fired bath at the end of an active day.  

Biryusinsky bay is especially popular at the sea: there is enough place for skating, snowcat riding and leisurely skiing. Another winter entertainment for the brave ones is kiting. In January and February at the main stream of the water reservoir, where it’s almost always windy, sportsmen and amateurs of speed of all ages have their trainings. 

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