Krasnoyarsk - the capital of the great land

Krasnoyarsk is the capital of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and one of the largest industrial cities in Siberia. In 2012, it received the status of a “millionaire city”. Having formed in 1628 as an eastern outpost, Krasnoyarsk has become a modern and rapidly developing metropolis by the 21st century. It seems that it combines incongruous things: the largest factories and plants coexist with wildlife and ski resorts of international level. A branch of the Trans-Siberian Railway passes through the city, so it will not be difficult to come to the regional center by rail. Emelyanovo International Airport accepts flights from all over the world. Direct communication connects the city with countries such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, Turkey, India, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and many others. The system of internal air communications is also developed. Krasnoyarsk is famous, of course, by the Stilby nature reserve, which is located right within the city! Also near the city there are such natural objects as: Mount Chernaya Sopka, Torgashinsky Ridge, Nikolaevsky Sopka, Torgashinsky and Geneva Caves, Krasnoyarsk Sea (reservoir), Mininsky Pillars. This is an incomplete list of attractions. Tour operators have developed a large number of excursions both in the city and its suburbs. If you want to go hiking independently, the Krasnoyarsk Hiking project team has already developed more than 150 km of routes around the city for independent travel. Krasnoyarsk is also interesting for tourists from the point of view of architecture. The central part of the city has pserved large merchant houses built in the 19th century. . Photo: Gelio (Stepanov Slava) and Alexander Nerozya.

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