Observation deck "Beautiful Coast " in Akademgorodok

This time we tell you what views open from the observation deck "Beautiful Beach", located in Akademgorodok. One of the most popular and beautiful places in Krasnoyarsk will delight you with leisurely walks in the paths along the high cliff. You can admire the right bank of Krasnoyarsk and the national park "Krasnoyarsk Stolby", the Takmak rock and the "Bobrovy log", the cozy left-bank village "Udachny", which is located at the bottom of the cliff, with its pearl - the Svyato-Uspenskiy Monastery - a winding path leads to it.

These beautiful places attract tourists, couples and newlyweds, lovers of walking in the fresh air, who come here to take stunning pictures and breathe in the coastal freshness of the Yenisei. It's great to visit the "Beautiful Coast" in the evening and at night, when the city lights up its colorful lights.

At the end of last year, two unusual art objects were installed on the observation deck. The first one has the symbolic name "Rafting". These are benches installed for visitors on the viewing platform. They resemble river rafts, sitting on which, you can imagine that you are sailing along the Yenisei. The second art object called "Lighthouse" is made in the form of a pillar with a handle and decorated with petroglyphs. If you twist the knob for a while, a beam of light will begin to beat from the column, directed upwards. This, of course, is best done in the dark - so that the beam of light is clearly visible.

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► So, how to get to the observation deck "Beautiful Coast" in Akademgorodok?

Option number 1: car

If you use the "2GIS" application, then simply search for "Beautiful coast" and click on the car icon. The navigator will suggest the shortest path for you. For those who do not use cartographic systems: in the direction from the center of Krasnoyarsk, you need to move through the Kopylovsky bridge, then along the st. Kopylova, turn onto the st. Academician Kirensky, move to the intersection with st. Akademgorodok, turn left and reach the building Akademgorodok, 5. There is a parking lot there.

Option number 2: bus

From the central part of the city, for example, from the  Revolyutsii square (Lenin st.) you can get directly to the stop "Magazin, railway Akademgorodok" on routes 2, 63 and 83. Coming out at the stopping point, the building at Akademgorodok, 3 "A" will serve as a reference point, you need to go down to the waterfront, turn right, walk along the coast and go to the entrance arch "Beautiful Coast".

Option number 3: taxi

You can get to the observation deck using a taxi. A trip from the center of Krasnoyarsk will cost you around 150 rubles one way.

► What to do?

● Unhurried walks
● Outdoor picnic
● Photoshoot
● Wonderful views of the Yenisei, Udachny and surroundings

► Where to have a snack?

You can take sandwiches with you or buy something at the nearest supermarket at Akademgorodok, 3 "A".

The route to the observation deck "Beautiful Coast" is suitable for age category 0+.

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