Camping "Nega" in Ivanovka

This is a tent camp "Nega". It is located near the village of Ivanovka, in the Irbeysky district, on the picturesque bank of the taiga river Kan. You don’t need to take your tents here, here we have our own ones, very cozy, furnished completely like at home. They are installed on wooden flooring. You can see in the photo. There is also a warm house with a furnace and a veranda for fans of boho style :)

Everyone has something to do here: you can sunbathe in the sun, swim in the clear river, go fishing, read a book, take a steam bath, play board games. Yes, this is passive, quiet and calm rest, but this is the idea of the owners of the Nega. This is a place to soak up. And what is really cool: while booking you can order homemade dairy products, eggs, meat, honey and much more, depending on the season.

Camping phone for rural tourism lovers: +7 923 332 99 97 and a group in VK

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