Recruiting for an ecotourism school!

Do you want to gain new knowledge and practical skills in order to go hiking, while not harming yourself and nature? Or maybe you want to find like-minded people with whom you can always travel happily and safely? Then you are here!
The plan is this:
▪ theory - once a week on Wednesdays;
▪ practice or training trips (hiking, mountain, and speleo) - once every two weeks on weekends;
▪ After the end of the course, an exam will be held, and those who successfully pass it will receive a diploma established by the Russian Federation of Sports Tourism.
● Meeting on November 9 at 19:00.
● Registration fee 3000 rubles for the entire period of study (theoretical studies, registration and issuance of diplomas) + actual expenses for training sessions.
The school of elementary tourism training is a project implemented by the City Club of Cavers and the Federation of Sports Tourism within the framework of the Siberian Environmental Patrol project, supported by the Presidential Grants Fund, and also with the support of Altamira @altamira_krsk
▷ For an appointment and for details, call 8 923 457 7639. Age of participants 18+
Photo by Dmitry Shirnin

Published: 29.10.2020
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