Eco-park Yudin Valley 

Eco-park Yudin Valley is situated in the forest zone near Plodovo-Yagodnaya station in the October district of Krasnoyarsk. This place is the territory of ecological tourism and was created with pservation of natural resources specially for comfortable rest of the visitors. Reinforced paths for walking, picnic zones, children’s, sports and play grounds – everything is ecologically integrated into the existing landscape. 

In Yudin Valley there are three marked trails of different length (see the map below): a big 3,2 km, a medium 2 km and a small 1,5 km ones. You can not just walk or do trainings here, but go to the picnic zones to enjoy tea drinking in the middle of the beautiful forest as well. On the way there are wooden benches and tables, so take hot tea, sandwiches and other tasty things and go to a picnic.  Also, close to the Yudin Valley eco-park, right across the road, there are the marked paths of the Gremyachaya Griva Park, you can go along them to the nearest fifth panoramic point or even further to the both visitor’s centres of the Gremyachaya Griva eco-par.  On these paths comfortable places for tourists rest – benches, gazebos and observing grounds - were equipped.

Before any walk we highly recommend to download the map of Yudin Valley in advance, because not all the mobile operators provide good signal in the forest.  

Let’s go back to the beginning. The entrance zone of the eco-park is decorated with a cozy Visitor-centre, where everyone can get the basic information about Yudin Valley, its routes and other wonderful places of the region form the administrators, change clothes in the changing room and leave his or her belongings in the lockers, warm the brought food, buy water, snacks, coffee in vending machines, have a rest after walking or training, use the toilet and even the baby care room if necessary. The Visitor-centre is daily open from 9:00 to 21:00, the eco-park itself is open for visitors day-and-night – the security is on duty here, and in the territory there is local lightning and video monitoring.

You can get right to the Visitor-centre of Yudin Valley:

► by car right to the parking area for 120 cars, orienteering with geolocation in 2GIS and YandexMaps.

► by bus to the terminal stop Plodovo-Yagodnaya station, but from there you’ll have to walk about 2 km – the route is not save, so we recommend you to use a car.

Follow the actual news of the Yudin Valley eco-park in its social nets accounts in Vkontakte and Telegram channel. Also you can always get actual information from the administrator over the telephone 8-908-013-1348. 

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