Divnogorsk is a small picturesque town in the Krasnoyarsk Territory with a population of 29.2 thousand people, located on the Yenisei River, 20 km from Krasnoyarsk.

The first settlement on the site of the modern city was the village of Ovsyanka, founded in 1671. At the end of the 19th century in these places the monk Filaret founded the Skete for men, later the monastery became the Skit village. At that time, various workshops, tar-distilling, brick, and candlelight factories were already operating in this settlement, and in the 1930s, a forestry establishment of the Forestry Technical School opened in the village. In March 1957, the village of Skit was named Divnogorsk and in 1963 already officially acquired the status of a city.

Now Divnogorsk is perceived as a must-see destination for tourists. Perhaps the most memorable and bright place of the city is the Divnogorsk Riviera - the embankment with magnificent views of the opposite shore and marvelous mountains.

What to see:

► Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station - The hydroelectric power station ranks second in terms of capacity in our country, therefore it is recommended for visiting to all city guests. An equally interesting structure is the ship elevator located on the territory of the hydroelectric power station. A large metal object lowers and raises ships to overcome the dam.

► Monument to the main builder of the hydroelectric power station - dedicated to the famous esteemed person Bochkin A.E. The monument consists of a pedestal and 4 stone boards on which the merits of the chief builder are recorded.

► The Church of the Icon of the Bozhiyey Materi Znameniye Abalatskaya - an Orthodox church in Divnogorsk, consecrated in memory of the pviously existing Znamensky Skete.

► Memorial complex “Glory to work”  is dedicated to motorists who worked on the construction of a hydroelectric power station, which is a truck loaded onto a pedestal.

► Yenisei embankment - Yenisei embankment can be called the most popular place for tourists, where they can walk, enjoy the fresh air, and also relax.

Photo by Slava Stepanov, Sergey Filinin and other authors unknown to us.

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