Birthday of the city of Krasnoyarsk

The annual grand summer festival is dedicated to the birth of the largest cultural and economic center of Eastern and Central Siberia - the city of Krasnoyarsk. On this holiday, all corners of our city turn into one huge concert hall, in which each of us can become both a spectator and a participant. Festivals, concerts, exhibitions, mass sports competitions, interactive locations and colorful fireworks in the night sky - all of these contribute to the unconditional happiness and joy of the residents and guests of Krasnoyarsk this day.

In 2019, Krasnoyarsk will be 391 years old.

The celebration will start on June, 1. In honor of the holiday, fireworks will be launched from the barge on the Yenisei in the evening. It will start at 22:45 at the Communal Bridge.

On June, 1, Krasnoyarsk will host a children's carnival on Mira street, and a holiday “Bered detstva - fantasy-grad” (“The shore of childhood - Fantasy City”) with themed venues and a concert will be arranged on the waterfront.

On June, 2, the city will be filled with sporting events. There will be an athletics race from the square in front of Philharmonic to the chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, and a pull-up championship on the waterfront. They will also organize a holiday for teenagers and launch a summer project “ART-Bereg” (“ART-Shore”).

June, 3-5 will become the "Days of Remembrance". Krasnoyarsk residents will lay flowers on graves and memorial sites.

On June 6, in the hall of the mayor of the city, awards will be psented to the winners of city competitions, and on June 7, a solemn ceremony of raising the Krasnoyarsk flag and firing a signal gun will take place in honor of the 391st anniversary of the city's foundation.

The main events are scheduled for
June, 8. They will be held on Tatyshev river island under the motto "Krasnoyarsk is the soul and power of Siberia".

In the morning, there will be demonstration performances of model aircrafts, surfers, water bikers, water tourists, rock climbers and other athletes.

The extreme show will begin at 12:00, and the championship on carrying wives at 15:00. In addition, there will be lots of different venues, entertainments and exhibitions on Tatyshev .

A rock concert will take place on the east side of the island at 18:00.

They also promise the performance of the rope-walker on the cable-stayed bridge.

On June, 12, the Day of Russia, Tatyshev will host the international festival “Day of Russia. Commonwealth on the Yenisei ”, and a festival of national cultures will be on the theater square.


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