Chinzhebsky waterfall

Chinzhebsky waterfall is located in the southwestern part of East Sayan on the tributary of the Upper Chinzheb. It is located on the territory of the Kuraginsky district, 38 kilometers from the village of Koshurnikovo. It is considered to be a unique hydrogeological object. In 1987, the waterfall was attributed to the number of environment-oriented objects. The waterfall falls from a height of 30 meters, expanding to 8 meters as it falls. The boggest amount of water in it is in mid-June. The bottom is rocky and the water is cold all year round. You can get to the waterfall from Krasnoyarsk on the right bank of the Yenisei through the villages of Shalinskoye, Narva, and Koshurnikovo. The road is beautiful, passes through taiga terrain, with several passes. However, 100 km of this road in the section Vyezhzhiy Log - Koshurnikovo is not paved, but the road is maintained and is in fair condition. The waterfall is visible from afar. You can drive up very close, on foot you will have to walk 100 meters. There is a forest opening for camping.

Photoby Maria Lotyshko,

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