Paraskevy Pyatnitsy Chapel

At the beginning of the XVIII century, peaceful life was established on the banks of the Yenisei. The raids of the nomads and the war ended ... The Cossack guard on Mount Kum Tigey (from the Turkic “Kum” - “sand”, “Tigey” - “peak, hill”) became completely unnecessary. But in memory of the brave Cossacks, who once watched the Kachinsky prison, a huge wooden cross was erected on this mountain. Despite the numerous requests of the residents of Krasnoyarsk, neither a church nor a chapel was built here, because for this it was necessary to go to Tobolsk and justify the need for a church: is there enough money, parishioners, building materials.

Therefore, residents independently replaced the wooden cross with an iron cross and built a roof over it, and later surrounded the cross with walls. And so it turned out to be the first wooden chapel.

In the mid-19th century, a priest by the name of Inozemtsev arrived in Krasnoyarsk. His task was to submit statements to Tobolsk on the state of the city's churches. But he was not a local man, so he did not consider it necessary to mention a wooden chapel in the documents. And services were never conducted in it. But Krasnoyarsk residents often visited this place and wanted to perpetuate the memory of their ancestors and their gratitude to Kum-Tigey with a stone chapel. With such a request, they turned to Tobolsk... But it turned out that the wooden chapel didn’t exist on the papers, and all because Inozemtsev, in order to hide his mistake, reported to Tobolsk that both the cross and the icons were taken from this chapel, which means, according to him, this is no longer a chapel at all!

The Krasnoyarsk people, in whose veins Cossack blood flows, simply did not give up. They found a picture of the French artist Aliber. He painted a landscape a couple of years before this incident, on which you can see a wooden chapel and a cross. This picture was provided to Tobolsk as evidence, and the truth triumphed! Stone Chapel will be built! Since 1855, it beautifully stands on the mountain, which was renamed into Karaulnuya. Now it is a symbol of the city, known throughout Russia!

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