Biathlon – Evgeny Ustyugov

Evgeny Romanovich Ustyugov is a bright repsentative of the legendary Krasnoyarsk school of biathlon, which has many generations of talents. Yevgeny Ustyugov was born into a sports family: his parents were seriously involved in skiing (mother Olga Rudolfovna is a master of sports in skiing, father Roman Valerievich is a candidate for master), so he and his older brother Alexander started skiing very early - at 3 years old . The biathlete’s path began in 1997, when during the competition for the prizes of the “Pioneer Truth” he was offered to try his hand at biathlon.

Having received the consent of the parents, Zhenya began biathlon classes under the guidance of his first coach, Viktor Ivanovich Ermakov.

Zhenya’s sports career has developed very successfully - in his “piggy bank” there is a large number of high awards, including a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (2010) and, also, a victory at the Winter Olympics in Sochi (2014).

The athlete finished his professional sports career in 2014, explaining his decision to end with “shooting races” because of certain circumstances that influenced his participation in tournaments - according to Ustyugov, he lived 10 months far from home every year , and serious injuries did not allow him to fully realize himself in the professional field.


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