Ary-Mas - the northernmost forest

The Ary-Mas forest is one of the northernmost forests in the world.
It is located on the eastern Taimyr Peninsula, in the Khatanga region of the Krasnoyarsk Region, on the banks of the Novaya River - a tributary of the Khatanga.
The forest area is only 156 sq. kilometers, but it is home to about 110 species of birds and animals.
And this despite the fact that winter here lasts from late September - early October to early June, the minimum temperatures are -35 ... -50 ° C, and the wind speed in winter often exceeds 50 m/s. To the north, to the very Arctic Ocean, trees no longer grow.
An eco-trail for tourists has been laid here.
The route is called "Legends of Lake Bogatyr-Kyuel" in honor of the largest reservoir in these places.
Ary-Mas is very viable. Be like Ary-Mas!

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