8 places in Krasnoyarsk where you can sunbathe well and free


Swimming according to the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor is still prohibited, but basking in the sun is always welcome! So it's time to sunbathe! Preferably free and in a good location. Here is a small list of such places in the outskirts of Krasnoyarsk:

Banks of the Mana River

A clean river 40 km from Krasnoyarsk has already warmed up well. You can sunbathe near its rough waters in the area of the villages of Ust-Mana (≈40 km), Mansky (≈40 km), Beret (≈60 km).

Bazaikha banks

Bazaikha is a small and shallow river near the "Bobrovy Log", surrounded by cottages and picturesque mountains. However, there are not so many glades without thickets, but it is worth looking for them. It's cozy here.

Beach on the Abakan branch on Molokov island

If you are not confused by the pebbles and the noise of jet skis, which are dozens in here, then you you should visit it.

Central beach near the Communal Bridge

City beach with sand. Even dry closets are free. If you don't like sunbathing on a towel, rent a sun lounger for 250 rubles.

Tatyshev Island

There are enough free fields here. You can also lie down near the Yenisei, where a cool breeze from the river blows, near the channel, in an open meadow, near the Cable-stayed bridge reservoirs, or in the shade of century-old poplars on the far side of the island, where there is no one at all (option for introverts). Food and water can also be bought here.

Lake Lesnoe in Vetluzhanka

In Google Maps it is designated as st. Kolyaginskaya, 5. You can't get here on a low car. But the place is wild, the air is fresh, and the water is clean. Fishermen love this lake too.

A nameless artificial lake near the sports complex “Raduga”.

In the hot weather, many people gather on its banks. Be sure to take flip flops and a thick blanket, because the shores of the lake are covered with coarse and sharp gravel. Take the watermelon too.

Lake between the villages of Lukino and Zykovo

About 20 km from the city. An ordinary village lake with unmown grass along the banks, surrounded by summer cottages and green hills.

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