On November 7, gourmets are invited to taste the Yenisei cuisine

The Krasnoyarsk travel agency ‘United Center for Tourism’ together with the ‘Sibirskiy Dvor’ tavern organizes a gastronomic tour and invites all gourmets on November 7
‘Traditions of the Yenisei cuisine’ - that's how it is called. Tourists will taste muksun sugudai, pate with wild garlic and bacon, creamed pike cutlets, muksun  spad, borsch with garlic donuts, venison dumplings, potato dumplings, fish soup made of three types of fish, Siberian pickles, cheesecakes, lingonberry, potato and sorrel patties. Every guest will have a chance to taste lingonberry juice and hot herbal tea. Also, there will be a sightseeing tour of the Siberian cuisine places by bus with a guide and a visit to the ‘Sovetnik’ wine house with tasting of elite wines. 
Cost: 2500 rubles
Time: from 12.30 to 16.30.
Age: 18+
Booking by phone: 8 (391) 208-00-38; 280-08-48; 209-08-48.
Picture by Mikhail Salmov

Published: 28.10.2020
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