5 fishing spots near Krasnoyarsk

We want to share with you five most fishing places near Krasnoyarsk, which our colleague and an experienced fisherman told about in a secret. So, remember or write them down:

Podsobki Lake (86 km to the north towards Sukhobuzimskoye settlement) - crucian carp;

Lake Elovka (103 km through Bartat) - crucian carp;

Lake Balai (88 km towards Uyar) - crucian carp, dace;

Mana river (convenient access points: through the exit log and Beret) - grayling;

Krasnoyarsk reservoir - pike. There is still sturgeon, but it is listed in the Red Book, if caught, then you need to let go. A pike less than 40 cm also needs to be released.

● You can learn more about fishing rules in the Krasnoyarsk Territory at personright.ru

● And you can take recipes for pparing Yenisei fish from the unique book "Traditions of the Yenisei cuisine".


Photo: Sergey Shlyaga

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