Atmospheric coffee houses in Krasnoyarsk

Especially for those who cannot imagine their day without a cup of aromatic coffee, we will tell you about the 5 most atmospheric coffee houses in Krasnoyarsk.

► "Black Hole" - an unusual coffee shop in space style and with coffee, which is just gorgeous! The authors of the project not only develop recipes for their favorite drink, but also regularly come up with new chips that no one has. For example, in a coffee shop you can try real space food, and warming drinks will be served with you in convenient thermo packages, not in glasses.

► “Migusha” - a small cozy coffee house on the corner of 12 Surikov St. Coffee is served in a charming iron mug, it’s nice to just sit by the window and dream about something. We also recommend trying local desserts.

► "Coffee Academy" is an institution that, barely opening, immediately won the hearts of Krasnoyarsk residents. Very interesting and beautiful people gather here over a cup of coffee. The coffee shop is always noisy, crowded, but it does not bother at all, but on the contrary it inspires! Addresses: 147 Karla Marxa St., and 7 Mira prospect.

► “Culture” - it’s impossible to get past this coffee shop while walking along the main street of Krasnoyarsk. The smell of freshly brewed coffee attracts passers-by. A pleasant atmosphere, friendly barista guys and creative youth of Krasnoyarsk are the permanent companions of "Culture". Come to 56 Mira prospect.

And now let’s drink a cup of coffee:)

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