River trips on the Yenisei


In hot summer there is nothing better than feeling the cool wind of the Yenisei! We suggest going on a short trip along the greatest river by discharge in Russia. Here you can find river trips for every taste. Let’s go!

Tour operator "Azimut": a variety of river trips for 1.5-5.5 hours. Pay attention to the combined excursions: you can go to Divnogorsk by boat "Tovarishch", and back - by excursion train. There are also themed boat trips. 8 (391) 294-07-04. Website: azimut.plus

Travel agency "SimSim": river trips every week, from Thursday to Sunday. During the day, the boat is accompanied by a guide, and in the evening - romantic music: saxophone, violin or synthesizer. 8 (391) 205-25-80. Site: simsimtravel.ru

Travel agency "Sibir dlya ludei": daily river trips along the Yenisei on the motor ship "Yunga". There are 2 routes available: within Krasnoyarsk for 1 hour and to the village of Ovsyanka - for 3 hours. 8 (391) 202-77-69. Site: сибирьдлялюдей.рф

► Travel agency "United Tourism Center": evening trips with live music, day trips for the whole family, river trips to Divnogorsk. 8 (391) 280-08-48, 208-00-38. VK page: vk.com/ect124


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