What to bring from Krasnoyarsk

To memorize an amazing travel around the taiga region, you will certainly want to bring a piece of Siberian spirit with you. We are sharing the list of ideas what to cherish your relatives and yourself with on your coming back from the trip!


► Travniki Sibiri 

“Travniki Sibiri” want to ensure that you enjoy the aromatic taiga tea with jam of pine cones, but to bring a gastronomic souvenir in a beautiful package for your relatives.  

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Markovskiy st., 102



►  From Siberia

“From Siberia” you will do bring the tastiest cedar coffee, natural sweets, souvenirs, and handmade soap and products made of birch bark. You’ll be offered to taste all the delicacies before buying. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of gastronomic discoveries!

Group in Vkontakte 

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Lenin st., 121


► Kraskon brand shops 

Drop in the shops of Krasnoyarsk factory “Kraskon” to take the cedar dainty “Amazing Siberia” with you. These are the chocolates with tender cedar nuts wrapped with natural honey and chocolate coating inside them.  We would also recommend you to taste “Tessoro burning chocolate” with hot pepper.

Address: in the city centre Mira avenue, 19 and Mira avenue, 117

Web-site: http://www.kraskon.ru/


► Vse Svoe

The producer of natural dainties and gifts of Siberian nature offers jams made of Siberian herbs and pine cones. They contain phytoncides, ethereal oil, helping to recover of lung diseases and strengthen the immune system in general. Don’t forget about fresh cedar nuts and Ivan-Tea with natural additives.



►  Tasty Taiga

The specialists of this company notice that jam is magic and alchemy, concentrated taste and aroma of forest in a glass jar spiced with love and attention to details.  At the web-site the life-giving dainties at any taste are psented: rowanberry in cedar syrup, honeyberry, hackberry and beautiful sets which you will want to psent to your closest people.

Website:  https://tastytaiga.com/


You should definitely bring fish from Krasnoyarsk: salmon, chum salmon or pink salmon.  During spawning nelma, sturgeon, broad whitefish, muksun and grayling are fished in the Yenisey. They are good in smoked and air-dried variants.



Here self-produced traditional delicacies of own production the High North and Siberian taiga are sold. First of all, appciate the taste of deer in all its variants (from fresh to jerky) and fish. But there are also mushrooms and berries, which are obligatory ingredients of the Yenisey cuisine. 

Web-site: https://eco-taimyr.ru/ 

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Dubrovinskiy st., 110


Khozyain Kamchatki

The shops chain that started with selling mainly shrimps, crabs, salmon and other sea fruits of the Pacific ocean, has widen the assortment.  Here you will be offered well albeit of muksun and broad whitefish, deer meet, dumplings of Siberian fish and smoked omul.

Web-site: https://krasikra.ru/

Address in the centre of Krasnoyarsk: Mira avenue, 118 and Krasnoy Armii st., 109



The company that is in love with Krasnoyarsk and produces clothes with unique design of the name of the Yenisey River and Krasnoyarsk city: sweatshirts, T-shirts and caps. This is a comfortable and practical outfit that you will want to wear every day.

Web-site:  https://www.slavaka.com/

Tel:  8 923 333-77-78


► Yenisey Siberia Brand

The Yenisey Siberia brand psents high-quality T-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets, mugs and thermoses, candles, ethereal oil and tasty, healthy and ecological food: sbiten, tea and natural sweets. You can buy the production in the online shop, Elcity shop in Vzletnaya st., 18 or in the B`FLY souvenirs shop.


Address: Krasnoyarsk, Vzletnaya st., 18


► Brevno

Brevno is an independent brand created by two friends in Krasnoyarsk in 2013. The company produces ecological wooden glasses with bold design for people who strive for self-expssion, creativity and freedom.

Web-site: https://brevnoshop.ru/

Address: B`FLY shop, Krasnoyarsk, Mira avenue, 6/1; Dubrovinsky st., 45а/7

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