Fancy souvenirs

What can you bring from Krasnoyarsk Territory for yourself, your friends and relatives? - Oh, we know how all the tourists of the world are puzzling over this issue ... And we have some cool ideas, take them back!

► Dried fresh cones with cranberries on a stick. Coniferous-sweet-tart delicacy, which also strengthens the immune system and serves as a good pvention of colds. Look here: варенье-из-шишек.рф and
► Stylish metal bracelets with proud inscriptions “I am Siberian” and “Stay wild”. Suitable for any clothes, but sold here @ have.a.metal.

► Clothing and accessories from Simpleattribute, a company that is deeply in love with the Krasnoyarsk Territory! And out of love it releases cool patriotic things with a unique design of city names from Kansk to Norilsk and places from the Communal Bridge to the Stolby. The result is excellent souvenirs that you can bring as a gift and carry at least every day! Visit the website:
► Tea from wild taiga herbs and berries. In recent years, many glorious companies have appeared in Krasnoyarsk, the owners of which spend the whole summer in taiga, so that the healing taste of the Siberian forest warms you on cold nights. Look here: and

► Original souvenirs of folk craftsmen “Evenkia”. With a harsh northern accent. Website: ⠀

► Clear black sweatshirt “I was in Siberia”. So that everyone knows exactly who was here. Heat for six months of frost is stored here: @ims_krsk.
► A kilogram of sweets “Amazing Siberia roasted” from the factory “Kraskon”. These are the most delicious sweets we have ever tasted! That is the truth! Inside them are tender pine nuts wrapped in natural bee honey and chocolate glaze. Indescribable pleasure! They cost 230 ₽ per 100 grams. Factory website:
► Souvenirs from birch bark. Birch bark is a storehouse of useful properties! Even the ancient Slavs knew that it charges a person with positive energy, heals the body and soul. At the end of the last century, scientists found that betulin is psent in the bark. This substance has a powerful antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial effect. Today, at handicraft fairs or in numerous souvenir shops, you can buy useful things from birch bark, for example, jewelry, caskets, paintings, bread bins, baskets and much more.
► Jam from pine cones - a souvenir with a taste of the taiga of Krasnoyarsk! Young pine cones collected in ecologically clean regions contain volatile, essential oils that contribute to recovery from diseases of the bronchi and lungs, urinary tract and joints. For example, you can buy here:,, варенье-из-шишек.рф The price is also sweet: from 300 rubles per jar.
► Essential fir oil. Our Siberian fir is considered the most valuable for the manufacture of such oil. Fir oil has cosmetic, therapeutic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties that humanity has been using for more than a century. It tones, warms, increases stamina and vitality. Shops:, таежная-продукция.рф, Price: from 160 rubles.

► Sbiten - an old drink made of water, honey and spices, which include herbal herbs and spices. Until the end of the 17th century sbiten was very common, but then began to gradually give way to tea, and now it is gaining popularity again. And, in our opinion, this is one of the most delicious and healthy souvenirs that can be brought from the Krasnoyarsk Territory! Hot sbiten has a warming and anti-inflammatory effect, so they drink it mainly in the winter. Where to get it: in the region’s supermarkets, in the shop in the Stolby reserve in Krasnoyarsk, and you can buy souvenir bags at It costs from 200 to 450 rubles.
► Caramel masterpieces. Elegant sculptures and all kinds of candies. You will find in the Krasnoyarsk Art Caramel Studio on Lenin St., 122 / Gorky St., 14.

From Krasnoyarsk with love! ❤

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