Festival “SEVEKI - Legends of the North”

WHERE TO BE: at the multinational ethno-tourist festival “SEVEKI - Legends of the North” in the village of Velmo, North-Yenisei district.

WHEN: end of August 2021.

- try national Evenki dishes;
- play the games of small peoples of Siberia;
- go through the ceremony to open roads, attract good luck, love, success through communication with the ancestral spirits of the ancestors of this ancient land from the hereditary shaman Oila;
- try on traditional outfits, learn about the life, culture and gods of the northern peoples of Krasnoyarsk Region, the main of which is Seveki - the owner of the land of people, the patron of reindeer herders, hunters and fishers;
- dance in the open air at an ethnic concert;
- overcome the “hunter’s path” with many different traps and obstacles;
- participate in catamaran races on the Velmo River;
- admire the most beautiful Evenki girls at the beauty contest;
- make a charm with your own hands.

HOW TO GET THERE: better by car. The distance from Krasnoyarsk to the village of Velmo is 707 km. Take tents with you.

Details of the fest in the group in VK

Photo by Alexey Snetkov

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