The best photolocations of Krasnoyarsk

The best photolocation of Krasnoyarsk

Photographers do not like to share their secret places for photo shoots, otherwise they will appear on all instagrams of the country ... But we did not ptend to be secrets, but asked about locations in the city, where beautiful and diverse pictures are always taken. And here is the result:
► A wooden staircase that leads to the Central Stolby. This taiga photolocation, despite being located in the reserve, is easily accessible. Leave the car at Cardon Laletino, and forward, to a safari-style photoset, for example.

► The inner courtyard of the wine restaurant “0.75 Please” on 86 Mira Prospect. St. Petersburg’s atmosphere of the courtyard, old brickwork, garlands - a great setting for an individual photo shoot or fashion shooting. By the way, Mira Sr. is also one continuous photo zone.

Landscape Park "Gardens of Dreams" on the 78-y Dobrovolcheskoy Brigady St., 14I. Although there is a paid entrance, but it's worth it. There are many backgrounds in one place, and you don’t have to rack your brains to figure out how to diversify the frame. Suitable for romantic wedding, cozy family and fun children's photo shoots.

Cultural space "Kamenka" on the Pavlova St., 21. A good option in bad weather and for an individual photo shoot. The building has recently been perfectly renovated, harmoniously modernizing the Stalinist interiors. You will have to pay a little for a photo session in the building, but if you go to the spacious Kamenka park, then everything is free there :)
Tatyshev Island - a huge natural photolocation in the city center. Numerous athletic fields entice you to hold a photo session in a delicious sports style, green lawns are suitable for love story and family photosets, the uninhabited Yenisei coast is suitable for photo shoots in the style of nude or deeply conceptual projects.

The list of city photolocation will be updated, so stay tuned :)

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