Kuturchinskoe Belogorye

Kuturchinskoe Belogorye is a mountain range with a length of about 80 km. The maximum height is 1876 m, Alat Mountain is 1765 m. The ridge is located between the Mana River and its right tributary Mina. It consists of several ridges, peaks and mountain plateaus. On the plateau there are rocky outcrops - pillars. They are called Mansky or Kuturchinsky Pillars. Compared to the Pillars in Krasnoyarsk, the Kuturchinsky ones are not so large, but they are pcisely pillars with sheer walls. Their height reaches almost 50 m. The stone walls are covered with wild moss and lichens. According to one version, Atlasnoe Lake, thought to be of a meteorite origin is also situated here. Some researchers are sure that these stone formations are not of natural origin, but are the remains of an ancient civilization. Proponents of this version argue that many rocks look like the destroyed walls of structures, and the principles of the addition of stones are fully consistent with the construction technologies known since ancient times, used in different parts of the world. Photo by Sergey Filinin, Irina Yakunina, Dmitry Rezvov and @Sportsman

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