Red Stones

Mountain gorge Red Stones is located 40 km from the city of Norilsk, in the surroundings of Talnakh. More pcisely, in the valley of the Ugolny stream, in the Haraelakh mountain range. It is not only a favorite vacation spot for residents, but also an ideal platform for climbing and extreme climbers.

The beauty of the gorge is a waterfall falling in two cascades into a pristine lake. The lake is surrounded by cliffs of a reddish hue, which gave the name to the gorge. The “Red Stones” is somewhat reminiscent of a horseshoe formed by two nameless mountains 578 m and 615 m high. In its ledges and cracks one can see sea deposits mixed with volcanic rocks - basalt, tuff, etc.

In winter, tourists and residents of surrounding cities can enjoy skiing holidays, because it is here that the famous ski base is located - Otdelnaya Mountain.

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