Festival "Vysotsky and Siberia "

Every summer thousands of admirers of Vladimir Vysotsky and the author's song gather on the banks of the Mana River near Krasnoyarsk. Today the Regional Festival of Author's Song and Poetry "Vysotsky and Siberia" is the largest and most ambitious project of bardic songs in Siberia with an eventful cultural program - concerts, contests, themed campfire programs and even excursions. Over the years, the festival has brought together not only fans of the author's song and creativity of Vysotsky, but also professional musicians, poets, people - all those who love active tourism and cultural recreation in nature.

This time the festival will be held on July 19-20, as always, 5 km from the village of Narva in the Mansky district of the Krasnoyarsk region on the banks of the Mana River, not far from the places where the film "Taiga Master" was filmed, which is very symbolic - the two famous songs of Vysotsky: "A hunt for wolves" (“Идет охота на волков”) and "White banya" (“Протопи ты мне баньку по-белому”) were written here.

- author's song contest;
- a concert of Vysotsky’s songs;
- numerous concert programs of the guests of the festival;
- campfire gatherings;
- theatrical performances, competition of amateur theaters, competition of poets and reciters;
- competition and master classes in photo and video creation, in which the participants will shoot and edit in the studio short films, videos, clips about the events of the festival days; in addition, works about the life and work of Vladimir Vysotsky;
- master classes in arts, traveling exhibitions, installations;
- shopping and souvenir town;
- a military location with models of weapons, uniforms and an excellent quest based on the work of Vysotsky;
- competitions in volleyball, arm wrestling, belt wrestling;
- open-air cinema;
- rafting on catamarans on the Mana river;
- excursion to the Badjeiskaya Republic.

You can get to the festival by special buses. One way ticket price is 500 rubles.

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