Mind games is the best off-season fun

A lover of outdoor activities, accustomed to the summer warmth and variety, may become bored in the coming off-season - the weather is changeable, there is no ice and snow yet, museums and exhibitions do not give adrenaline. Just for this occasion, there is an excellent activity, where you can have fun with friends, get emotions, like on a safari, and increase your knowledge. Quiz. One of the most popular entertainment of the last 5 years. The battle of the intellects and the triumph of erudition.

It is very easy to take part in this fun: gather a team, choose a venue, register, come to play - with 30 more teams. Presenters ask questions, you answer them in a very short time. During the game, you can have drinks and food. But using gadgets is not fair.

In Krasnoyarsk, quizzes became widespad in 2014. About 10 different projects have appeared and closed for the last 6 years, and by the fall of 2020 the most persistent ones remained. So, let's get acquainted.

The psenters come out to you in jackets and bow-ties, but at heart they are in jeans and sneakers. The game is made in the form of a show and consists of 7 short and exciting rounds: pictures, videos, puzzles, multiple choice questions. All questions appear on the screens, which are bright and clear.  In the game, prizes are received not only by the winners, but also by the lucky teams.

Games are hosted on Sundays every two weeks in the Maximilians restaurant at P. Zheleznyak st. 17, the games start at 18:00. In order to play, you need to register a team on the
site: There can be no more than 8 people in a team, for each participant you need to pay 300 rubles. The @ityquizkrsk group regularly publishes the results and ratings of teams, photo reports of the pvious games and announcements of the further ones.

The teams in this competition of minds gather on Tuesdays at The James Shark Pub at Marksa 155a, and on Sundays (not occupied by the pvious quiz) at the Maximilians restaurant. Classic games alternate with themed and musical ones. 

Registration is on the site
krs.quizplease.ru, but here you need 400 rubles for each team member.  Results, ratings and photo reports are published in the @quizplease_krs community

For 2 hours of an exciting game, teams are offered about 90 interesting tasks. Since this quiz is author's, and not a franchise (like other quizzes), the organizers pay a lot of attention to the content of each game, experiment with tasks, surprise with new and unusual formats. The rounds are original - the tasks in them are about a certain topic.
They play in the Maximilians restaurant too, but on Mondays, at 19:30.

The participation fee is the same - 300 rubles per person. The maximum number of players in one team is 8 people.  Register a team for the game, see all the results and photo reports in the official community

As you might guess from the name, the game is entirely musical. Music lovers gather in the "Loshadka" dryga-bar on Mira, 91. The days of games vary - Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. Time is different too. Follow the announcements in the
community in VK.

The entrance fee is 300 rubles per person. There are no fact or logic questions. It is enough to recall the artist or a line from a song by audio fragment, clip or image. The game lasts 2.5 hours, there are 120 questions, and for excitement, the answer format is who is faster.

This quiz has all the tasks on the topic of cinema. The balance of Russian and foreign films is maintained. 110 questions are divided into tours: single-actor films, remakes, soundtracks, posters, recognize an actor, awards, TV series, blitz, etc.

The team can have from 4 to 10 people, participation - 300 rubles. They play in the "Loshadka" dryga-bar and when - find out here.

A new format of games from the creators of "Guess the sound", "Guess the film" and others in collaboration with Moscow friends "Quiz Smoothie".  7 exciting tours take place in almost 2 hours of atmospheric play. More than 50 questions. Games are based on the most interesting films and TV series.

The participation fee is 300 rubles per person. They all play in the same "Loshadka". The dates and times of the games are published in the

Specific entertainment for those who like easy questions in hard form: 2.5 hours of red cheeks, 50 obscene questions with profanity.

Teams from 4 to 10 people. Participation fee is 300 rubles. They play in the "Loshadka". The dates and times of the games are published here.

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