Ski routes

We’ll just list all the good skis that residents and guests of the Krasnoyarsk Region love:)


Fanpark " Bobrovyy Log". One of the best ski resorts in Russia. There are many tracks of different difficulty levels, a chairlift, an artificial snow formation system + a very beautiful view from the top.

Ski complex "Kashtak" near the "Bobrovyy Log". The track is one among the forest, but there are not many people, which is good. T-bar lift.

► "Chamoni” ski run in the village of the same name near Krasnoyarsk. There is only one route, but it is comfortable, illuminated, 360 meters long with a vertical drop of 60 meters. Tow rope.


Ski complex “Divny” in Divnogorsk. There are 4 tracks and the ability to ride on the puff. In addition, a well-developed infrastructure, two tow lifts for experienced athletes and a snowmobile lift for beginners.

Ski resort "Khutor Extreme" 5 km from Minusinsk. There are 2 tracks: one with a length of 1200 meters, the other - 600 meters. The tracks are equipped with a chairlift and a tow rope. The base has a cozy restaurant with Russian cuisine and a spa complex.

Ski complex "Mountain Otdelnaya" in Norilsk. The length of the longest route is about 1,500 m with a height difference of 300 m. T-bar lifts.

Ski complex "Kansky" in the city of Kansk. It is well equipped. There are 4 tracks with chairlifts and ski lifts, as well as a children's ski lift. The length of the tracks reaches 500 - 750 m, the height difference - 110 m.

Ski complex "Belaya Korona" on the outskirts of the village of Krasnokamensk, 300 km from Krasnoyarsk. Affordable prices, a large number of facilities and good service. Lifts are tow ropes, there are two tracks.

► And finally, Ergaki is a mecca of snowboarders and skiers of all types. There are several camp sites and hotels, each with its own route. The towing lifts, and snow groomers