Audio guides

For those who like to travel independently, without guides and tourist groups, but at the same time as informative as possible, we have ppared a small list of cities and towns in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where there are free audio guides for mobile phones.

In Krasnoyarsk, the regional capital, two applications work at once: izi.TRAVEL and "Threads of Krasnoyarsk". In the first application there are 12 routes to choose from and there is even a railway, but only 1 of them is in English. In the second application there are 3 routes - historical, informative and romantic - but all are translated into English. Also in izi.TRAVEL you will find several audio routes along the famous Stolby Nature Reserve.
In Dudinka, 1 route for 11 points in the izi.TRAVEL application and only in Russian.

In the Kuragino district in the izi.TRAVEL application you will find three ready-made audio guides in Russian: in the center of the village of Kuragino, in the Land of Masters (this route covers several villages at once), and the tour “To the Rocks of the Seven Brothers”, which actually you can’t pass for one day - it’s very busy. Thanks for this huge work to the organizers of the project  Natalia and Vladimir Nikulkin.

Wear headphones and go, open the world!

Photo: Olga Tsaplina.

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